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‘We came up with the concept of a structure within a structure,’ explains project architect Catriona Jones. The original Forge building was erected in 1860 as part of a complex that housed vital metal workshops for the busy shipbuilding industry in the local area. After the majority of that shipbuilding activity moved to the River Clyde, the building became used as a steelworks for the construction of railway bridges. But this too drew to a close by the 1950s, and since then the building — which was listed in 2003 — has lain empty. The other buildings that formed part of the complex were torn down and replaced by housing blocks in the mid Noughties, having not been listed, as the area witnessed an influx of residential development linked to the everexpanding Canary Wharf hub close by. As discussed, the government has been endeavoured to relax the regulations to allow for flexibility in using industrial buildings since the 1990s.

Industrial building allowance is a form of tax relief available to a taxpayer who has in a year of assessment incurred qualifying expenditure for the construction or purchase of a building considered to be an industrial building. Industrial architecture is the design and construction of buildings serving industry. Such buildings rose in importance with the Industrial Revolution, starting in Britain, and were some of the pioneering structures of modern architecture.

Breunig told the Journal Sentinel he plans to create one- and two-bedroom apartments, along with 21 indoor parking spaces on the building’s first floor. Breunig is seeking a zoning change from industrial to local business for the east side building. A historic industrial building on Milwaukee’s east side will be converted into 17 apartments. The scheme runs parallel and as an alternative to the conventional, case-by-case mechanism for premium assessment. Applicants who do not find the standard rates premiums attractive may opt for the existing conventional approach for premium assessment.

In addition, the land premiums for conversion will be waived upon satisfaction of certain conditions. The rationale behind these measures is to provide incentives, mainly in economic term, to encourage adaptive reuse of old industrial building, either redevelopment or conversion. In 2013 policy address, it continues the measures and further eases the restrictions on modifications to exterior walls. A wider range of commercial uses and social services are permitted in revitalised buildings. Like many post-industrial cities around the world, Hong Kong has been experiencing de-industrialisation since the 1980s, and revitalisation of multi-storey industrial buildings within a high-density development context is necessary. Focussing on recent progress in revitalisation of industrial buildings in Hong Kong, this research investigates the Government regulations and market responses.

Floors are made with beam structures that have steel or reinforced-concrete spandrel beams, bars, and reinforced-concrete decking. Aesthetically, the quality of industrial buildings can be improved by distinctive interior design, sensible proportioning and division of enclosed areas, and harmonious choice of structural elements. The quality can also be improved by orderly placement of basic equipment in assigned areas; systematic arrangement of intraplant transport facilities, passages, and driveways; interior color coordination; and consistent implementation of measures related to technical aesthetics. • We add an aesthetic exterior and interior touch to your commercial buildings. Our decorative concretes and aggregates offer a variety of colors, textures, and patterns for interior and exterior fittings.

No new building to exceed gross floor space of 100 square metres in designated land and sites of special scientific interest. General-purpose industrial buildings are created by using expanded networks of columns and a single height for enclosed areas within each building. Prefabricated partitions and shelving for major equipment make it possible to modernize technological processes with minimum building reconstruction. We are therefore the preferred partner of the main players in the residential, commercial and industrial building industry, both in Italy and abroad.

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